How to Get Your Ex Back For Good And Without Friction?

You are reading this page because your situation seems desperate and you think that getting back your ex is probably hopeless and you are searching for ways you could reunite with your ex girlfriend.

First of All, Lose Contact With Your Ex And Learn Fast!

The most common error men do after a breakup is beg to their ex girlfriends to return with them. One thing that you should know if you are not aware of it right now is that women are attracted to strong men. A man could be strong in several ways and different girls will seek a strong man in her area of interest.

If you are interested in very young girls, they will probably be attracted more by strong muscles than a "strong wallet". If you are interested in Christian girls, they probably will be more attracted to a very strong spiritual man than other strong characteristics of that man. If you are interested in a middle aged woman, she will be probably more interested in a strong wallet much more than your muscles.

So, you should know what is seeking the girl you are after, but whatever it is, you should look strong in all areas you can to increase your opportunities with this particular girl.

The Right Attitude At First

The right attitude is to ignore your ex girlfriend completely and start dating other girls, as much as you can. This could sound illogical, but that is the way strong men act when they face a situation like this. Think about it: a strong man has such demand that he will not bother to get the attention of one girl; in fact, the girl should be chasing him to be flavored by the attention of the man. It is exactly the same situation when a stunning girl meets a lot of nerds with low esteem. You will see hundreds of men doing crazy things just to get a little attention from the girl, but the girl think that all those men are idiots that she could control any time, when she likes.

Pretty women are really impressed when they find a guy that stays in control of the situation when she meets him. She is used to be chased like crazy, receive compliments and gifts that when she finds someone that ignores her, she goes mad. This is the first time in her life that someone just ignores her and because of that, she thinks that this person has to be someone really extraordinary (but could be a real jerk that is just ignoring her).

Don't Wait For Her. Just Go And Get A Life

If you are waiting for her, this means that you are not a strong man and she will see it through your actions. The best way to interact with your ex is doing tricks to her. One day express interest in her, the next day ignore her messages, next day say that she was important in your life, next day tell her that your important dates with her were not "so important".

This type of behavior tends to drive girls crazy because she will not know what to think about this. This will make her tell all her friends about this situation and this will make her think of you much, much more than if you were not being controversial. Woman love controversy because drama is very important for them and make them feel very important because they use drama to drive attention to them.

Every Situation Is Different

Every situation is different because there is a history attached to every relationship. If you have been violent in your relationship, it will be much more difficult to reunite with your ex girlfriend. If the problem was that attraction disappeared, then knowing exactly how to turn attraction on woman will be the key to reunite with your ex girlfriend.

Try To Fix What Caused De Breakup

If you apply tricks, maybe you could reunite with your ex easily, but because you haven't addressed the real reasons why your relationship sunk, you could easily get to the same place, but this time your girlfriend probably will be less open to give you another opportunity.

List of Don'ts

  • Never call her or send her messages frequently
  • Never trail them; this will make them furious and even mad.
  • Never repent in your situation. This is not good for your health.
  • Never do something reckless. This will make the situation worse.

A real strong man will never do any of these things.

List of What You Should Do

  • You can hang out with your friends.
  • Make yourself organized and more in shape (You will get more attractive)
  • You can read some valuable books that will inspire
  • Go and meet new girls without dating them seriously, just friends

In fact give your partner room to breathe and make feelings more strong and comfortable. Enjoy the time when she is around and give small meaningful gifts which will attract her more and more.

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