¿How To Know Your Chances And What To Say To Get Her Back?

There are no written rules by which you could really know how much chances you really have to get her love back, because all relationships are different and all couples relate to the other in different ways and willingness.

Variables To Watch Carefully

First, you have to know why your girlfriend is not with you anymore. There are many reasons why this could happen and these are the most important to watch.


Attraction is one of the most powerful reasons why a woman or men want to stay near the other person. Attraction is able to overcome a lot of problems and if you are able to generate lots of attraction and of the right kind, you will have a woman that could kiss your toes.

The rules of attraction are really simple, but most men don't know them because men generally are reluctant to seek the right advice to learn how to seduce women and this advice has the power to increase your chances to get your ex girlfriend back for good. Most think they don't need that kind of advice and end up with broken marriages and lots of problems in their relationships.

The most important rule of attraction for men is: "Dominate the situation". Women are strongly attracted to dominant men, men that are in charge of everything, they know exactly what to do, how to do it and doesn't fear anything because they are confident enough in themselves that know for sure that they could solve anything that arises.

Only watch how women act in desperate situations. They just cry and don't know what to do. This is exactly the opposite about how real men should manage this situation. In the area of love, women could tell you exactly what to do to seduce them, but they won't because women don't like men that don't know how to seduce them! It is insane, but it is the reality.

If you change your mindset and act as a real man, any word you say will create attraction on her.

What You Have Done

For a woman, it really doesn't matter what you did, but how you made her feel the last time you did something wrong. Women are very "feelings oriented", not very attached by the past itself, but attached about how they felt in that past. This is a very different view with respect men because men are usually attached to the past itself.

If you have done something serious like beating your ex girlfriend, those feelings will be recurring every time she remember about those sad moments. In general, your chances to get her back are slim, unless your change is real and she could see it. Even if you get your ex girlfriend back, from time to time she will remember the beatings and you will have to pay.

Your Memories

When trying to get her back, you have a lot of advantage over other guys because of your memories. Your memories are the most important asset you have to get her back, but you have to make her remember those nice moments in a way that make her recall their feelings about those moments. Remember that women are full of feelings and everything has to be translated in terms of what feelings generated those precious moments you had with her.


Anybody that tells you that have a formula to get your ex girlfriend back that have a 100% percent of effectiveness is simply lying to you and you should run as fast as you can in the other direction. Your chances to get her back depend on a number of factors, but getting advice could be the first step to get you your goal.

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